This creative initiative was launched for our member brokers to specifically address our long term strategic vision which is: “To become the preeminent source for member brokers of innovative and engaging best practices and sharing opportunities, which will dramatically impact their company’s bottom line.” Peer-to-Peer learning is one of the most valuable learning methods and it is our hope that it will educate our members in all new ways to be successful. Our goal is to grow our companies and succeed together.


We are an association of Century 21 Franchisees dedicated to developing and delivering quality educational opportunities and resources through the exchange of best practices for the purpose of improved overall business success.


To be the preeminent source for member brokers of innovative/engaging best practices, sharing opportunities, and advocacy efforts, which will dramatically impact their company’s bottom line.


“The session for commercial sales helped my office with 3 commercial sales and hopefully will generate more down the road.”  – Don Hansen—C21 New Beginnings


“Becoming a member of the BBAA is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company. The sessions are very informative; but it is the ability to network and build relationships with such wonderful cooperating C21 owners which has proven very positive and enjoyable. As a result of our membership and the sessions, we are currently in discussions with another member on developing a 40-unit rental property for one of our clients.” – Jack Kishk—C21 Melanie Kishk Realty

“My collaboration and association with the BBAA and tips I’ve gotten from members are invaluable to me. It has added tremendous value to my business and how I run my office.”  – Eileen O’Driscoll—C21 Concept 100/C21 Semiao & Associates