Our Mission is Clear

This creative initiative was launched for our member brokers to specifically address our long term strategic vision which is: “To become the preeminent source for member brokers of innovative and engaging best practices and sharing opportunities, which will dramatically impact their company’s bottom line.” Peer-to-Peer learning is one of the most valuable learning methods and it is our hope that it will educate our members in all new ways to be successful. Our goal is to grow our companies and succeed together.



Why We Exist: 

Advocacy: We recognized the need for a unified voice within the brokerage industry. Our association serves as a powerful advocacy tool, allowing brokers to collectively influence industry policies, regulations, and standards. By working together, we can address the challenges and opportunities that shape our industry.


Community Building: Brokers Helping Brokers brings like-minded professionals together. We believe that success in brokerage thrives in a collaborative atmosphere. Our association fosters connections that go beyond traditional networking, creating a community that supports one another in achieving common goals.


Knowledge Sharing: We understand that knowledge is the catalyst for growth and innovation. By facilitating the sharing of expertise, insights, and experiences, our association empowers members to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Through a diverse array of resources, we provide opportunities for continuous learning and development.

VISION STATEMENT: To be the preeminent source for member brokers of innovative/engaging best practices, sharing opportunities, and advocacy efforts, which will dramatically impact their company’s bottom line.

MISSION STATEMENT: We are a national association of CENTURY 21 Broker Owners dedicated to developing and delivering quality sharing/mastermind opportunities and resources through the exchange of best practices for the purpose of improved overall business success.

Jessie Hoff

2024 BBAA President
"I am extremely grateful to be able to serve the membership of the BBAA as President, as I credit this organization and the people here with saving my business. I want nothing more than to give back and continue to learn from and grow with the best in our industry and beyond.

The support, knowledge and strength I have received as both a member of the BBAA and as leadership here have proven invaluable. As we continue to grow nationally, I am beyond excited and inspired to keep working together with you all for our individual and collective benefits. Being with such standouts who speak the same language, are facing the same challenges and reaching for the same successes has made my professional life infinitely better and I continue to look forward with great excitement and optimism for what our future holds together!


Here’s to not just surviving this market, but thriving in it together!”